What is Responsive Web Design & Why is it Important (Mobile Friendly)

So What is Responsive Web Design?

Why it is so important and must have feature?

We also call Mobile Friendly Website Design. This is actually a approach of designing a website in a manner so that the website can adjust its size or layout according to the device (Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile) automatically. While designing a website the elements are not fixed in their position, they are fluid and flexible as per the screen size and resolution. See More

In Past days we used to have different website for mobile devices to serve mobile friendly content. In this a website owner or developer has to manage both website completely differently. Also the mobile friendly version of the website is not perfect for tablets and similar device.

 what is responsive web design and why is it important
A Responsive Web Design

So the solution is to keep a single website that adjust itself dynamically so that it is usable on any device. This is then become great successful concept. Millions of website are updated to be responsive / mobile friendly.

Why Responsive Web Design is Important

Benefits of Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design

  • More than 40 % website visitor browse through mobile device
  • User Experience is much better
  • Its Cost Efficient – Only one website is required
  • Its also Easier to manage when compared to two version of website
  • More visibility – Search Engine Ranking will be increased
  • You can target / monitor your proffered client’s device (useful for advt. for great offer)


Whether you have a website or planning to create a new website, Mobile Friendly responsive is vital feature that you should need to take care. Now when you know what is responsive web design is and why it is important factor and the future if mobile and if you should not missing anywhere.

2 thoughts on “What is Responsive Web Design & Why is it Important (Mobile Friendly)”

  1. Good Post. I enjoyed it.

    Did the responsive also works for new gen tablets like ipad pro or similar hi resolution device? I think the web design will look like the desktop and everything will be tiny.

    1. Responsive design will work on all mobile and tablets. If you are using hi resolution tablet then it will be automatically adjust the website in mobile friendly mode. All will look natural.


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